New gig opp in DFW - fun, easy care for backyard chickens

Dallas, TX

Hi, we’re Coop! A new tech startup based in Texas trying to make backyard chicken ownership easier and accessible to EVERYONE! Earn extra cash doing what you love - caring for backyard chickens! Rates: 20-40+/hr + 100% of all tips for general (and fun!) backyard chicken coop care. 

We’re looking for backyard chicken enthusiasts to help us trial out one of our new services here in Dallas. We’ll match you with verified local customers looking for simple tasks related to their backyard chickens. Maybe they’re taking a vacation and need a quick coop check in, maybe they are having a dinner party and need a quick coop clean. That’s where you come in.

How will it work? 

Once we’ve vetted a customer and approved their coop / flock and request, we’ll coordinate a time for you to deliver CoopCare service and give you all pertinent information. 

Compensation: Task based, starting at $20 per 30 minute light task, up to $80 for broader tasks like coop clean outs.